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the key to competitive differentiation!

Customer experience is the key driver of competitive differentiation for  businesses around the world and yet, many still struggle with what constitutes a great customer experience and how to implement it.

The concept of customer experience is simple, but the implementation can be challenging if the process is not clearly defined. Customer Experience doesn’t just happen, it must be designed!

Lynn Baker a Certified Customer Experience Specialist guides businesses both large and small on Customer Experience Strategic Design and implementation, including:-


  • DESIGN the experience for the Customer                           

  • DIFFERENTIATE the value offering

  • DEVISE systems to support the experience

  • DEVELOP people to enhance the experience

  • DRIVE connection and customer engagement

  • DEEP DIVE DATA to define successes & failures

connecting the dots of customer experience strategy...........

The concept of customer experience is simple, however implementation is complex, timeous and continuous.


Implementing a customer experience strategy requires consideration of every element of a business, including people, processes and technology.  As a consequence, the implementation of a cx strategy requires a wide spectrum of specialists in various disciplines to facilitate specific processes and advise on the implementation of a successful cx strategy.


For this reason, the Customer Experience Connexion was formed.  A partnership of CX professionals, all of whom are  experts in their field, who provide clients  with guidance and advice on cx strategic design, employee experience design and employee training. Working together, these professionals ensure that strategic objectives

and brand values are embedded into processes that support the roll out to every member of the organisation with clarity.

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