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Executive Presence refers to those people who walk into a room and for some reason; everyone turns to look at them, when they speak – people listen and when they lead, others follow – what is it that these people have got and how do we get it?

Succeeding in today’s competitive business environment requires performance driven individuals to display skills on a multitude of levels. Leaders of tomorrow are required to have an extraordinary combination of academic excellence; business intelligence, relationship building skills and high brand profiles in order to really succeed.

But are academic qualifications and business intelligence enough, or is there more to making it to the top?  - Well yes there is and experts say the missing link to corporate success lies in perfecting the ‘softer skills’ of business - what they are referring to is Executive Presence.

People with presence command authority, exude energy that is magnetic and possess charisma that is captivating!  Their appearance is impeccable; they present themselves with confident composure, perfect poise and an exceptional ability to develop relationships of trust.

Executive Presence is focused on soft skills development and is split into 6 Key Elements that include a complex combination of 34 attributes.   Soft skills’ refer to either Internal Attributes (how we feel about ourselves) or External Attributes (how others see and feel about us) .


emotional intelligence



World Class Speaker Coach - Lynn Baker works with Executives to define, design and deliver high level business presentations and keynote speeches

Executive Speaker Coaching takes place in the privacy of the clients boardroom.  Coaching is run over 2 x 3 hour sessions.  Please see summary of the coaching on Page # 12 of the brochure below

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