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What is Customer Experience?

April 26, 2018


Professional speaker, Lynn Baker, is renowned for delivering high-energy, content-rich presentations at company conferences and corporate events, on Customer Experience and moving beyond merely delivering customer service to driving customer experience entitled ‘Moments of Magic’.


Pulling on her many years of business experience, as well as lessons learned during ‘The Disney Approach to Quality Service’ course she attended at the Disney Institute in Florida, Lynn shares valuable information on how successful companies around the world are using innovative strategies to drive a better customer experience, which in turn increases market share and profitability.


Every business today is looking for that something special that will set them apart in highly competitive markets.  Customer Experience (CX) is acknowledged as being the key to competitive differentiation and if businesses are to survive and thrive into the future, CX must become the key strategic focus.


The effectiveness of traditional customer service strategies are simply no longer enough to satisfy the constantly changing customer behaviour.  Customers today demand knowledge, information and the ability to purchase at their convenience, in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and failure to meet these demands will see the demise of many businesses moving into the future.


“Customer Experience is indeed the new buzzword and for good reason, but it should not be confused with ‘customer service’.


Customer Service is a key element of customer experience, but it only one of the key elements. Customer Service efforts have traditionally focused on the point of sale or face-to-face interactions with a customer. As an example, customer service applies to the attention a waiter gives a customer in a restaurant, the assistance a sales person gives in a retail outlet or the advice a sales representative would give a client in a B2B environment.


Customer Experience on the other hand, takes a wider view of the journey a customer travels when dealing with a business or a brand. The process starts from the time of first contact, whether that contact is made online through a website, a social media interaction or walking into a shop; customer experience looks at what is the customer looking for, how can we attract their attention, how can we fulfill their needs effectively and efficiently and during that interaction, what do they see and how do they feel and how can we improve on the experience to create further engagement. It requires taking a close look at the efficiency and effectiveness of every touchpoint where a customer connects with a business, all the way through the purchase phase and finally the level of service satisfaction. A strong CX strategy takes it even further and looks at innovative ways of encouraging customer engagement after the purchase, to drive loyalty and inspire them to return and make further purchases. Ultimately, Customer Experience management is about taking a 360-degree view of a customer and reconsider how businesses are attracting new customers, retaining current customers and driving loyalty, all of which lead to increased sales and drive profitability.


For more information on the Customer Experience conference presentations delivered by Lynn Baker, please visit www.lynnbakerspeaker.com


For more information on the Customer Experience conference presentations delivered by Lynn Baker, please visit www.lynnbakerspeaker.com

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